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I am incredibly fortunate to get to combine my two greatest professional passions--teaching and journalism--every day. 

Leaving the newsroom was the most difficult career choice I've faced but I was motivated by the desire to do more to help reporters, and I felt teaching journalism students was the best way for me to be of service to the profession. Along the way, I've taught myself all of the digital tools that I teach my students and I try to instill that same excitement of being lifelong learners in them.

I started a new job in Fall 2020, as a professor at Texas State University. While at Saint Louis University, I won a university teaching award and was an innovative teaching fellow. I also was selected to be in the inaugural class of the university's Course Design Institute.

To the right, click on the links to learn more about my approach to teaching, the classes I've taught, some of my favorite assignments, and my mentoring activities. (The photos are from my classes!)

Teaching philosophy

Favorite assignments

Courses taught

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