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Courses taught

Texas State University

In Fall 2020, I joined the faculty in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Texas State University. There, I teach required classes for journalism majors and an elective for graduate students. A complete list of courses taught is on my VIta page.

  Journalism core courses

  • Multimedia Journalism: Helping students advance their journalistic storytelling with digital tools and exploring current best practices in the profession

  • Writing for the Mass Media: Introducing students to journalistic writing styles for electronic media, social media and digital

  Graduate courses

  • Data Journalism: Producing news stories that are drawn from analysis of data and creating ethical visual representations of data


Saint Louis University

At Saint Louis University, the undergraduate classes I taught fell into three categories: core classes required of all communication majors & minors, classes offered in the department’s Journalism & Media Studies track, and elective classes open to all majors. I also taught two graduate classes.


The links below lead to the most recent class blog for each course. A complete list of courses taught is on my Vita page.

  Journalism & Media Studies track

  • News Writing: Introducing students to the fundamental elements of producing news for print, online and broadcast, and guiding them through analysis of media ethics, organizations & consumers

  • Multiplatform Journalism: Expanding students’ storytelling skills through technology and social media, and exploring how those technologies fit into the future of the profession

  Communication core courses

  • Media & Society: Covering a wide background of media industries, and helping students develop the critical skills necessary for understanding how media function and impact our everyday lives

  • Media Lab: Helping students learn how to use technology hardware, such as digital cameras and camcorders, and computer software including photo and video editing programs

  Undergraduate electives

  • Real News, Fake News & Media Literacy: Wading into the information and dis-/misinformation we encounter every day, and parsing ways to identify news versus propaganda and opinion, objectivity versus bias, and verification versus assertion in order to construct informed critiques of news media coverage

  • Social Media as Professional Tools: Preparing students across disciplines to present themselves as professionals through the thoughtful and strategic management of their social media identities

  Graduate classes

  • Research Methods in Communication: Introducing master's students to methodologies common in communication fields and guiding them through designing research projects in an ethically and culturally aware manner

  • Contemporary Issues in Media: Focusing on the future of journalism, tensions in media and communication technology, media management & economics, struggles over news content, and the changing role of media audiences

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