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My research program centers on two areas of study with one common theme: online media.
Much of my work is inspired by challenges I faced as a journalist at the turn of the 21st century, negotiating my identity as a reporter and editor whose work was continuously impacted by technological and economic changes. Those issues still confound the industry as professional media workers share gatekeeping space with a variety of other producers across multiple platforms. It is an intriguing and crucial time to explore the influence of participatory journalism and change management in an industry that has come to be defined by those two elements.
More recently, some of my research has shifted to explore how people have used online communication tools during the COVID-19 pandemic. I joined with an interdisciplinary team of scholars to examine the myriad ways in which we access and analyze information to make health decisions. The ongoing crisis of a pandemic has reinforced the need for more effective health communication in the face of overwhelming uncertainty and misinformation.


Through my body of research, I have contributed to conversations in the academy and profession about the impact of changes in how news and information is shared and consumed. I've also been interviewed by local print, television and radio journalists, as well  as the Poynter Institute.

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